Active Release Technique in Southlake

Active Release Technique in Southlake TX

Active Release Technique or A.R.T is a trademark soft tissue technique. The overuse of muscles can naturally develop scar tissue and fibrous ad- hesions that shorten (weaken) muscles. The fibrous tissues can also compress blood vessels and nerves, resulting in fatigue, tingling and/or numbness. These changes in muscu- lature are often accompanied by pain and limited ranges of motion. Active Release Technique in Southlake treats various problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves & blood vessels. A.R.T providers will always begin a therapy session with an evaluation of muscle texture, muscle tightness, muscle motion, fascia, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

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ART Has Helped These Patients in Southlake

"A.R.T has helped me break through years of neck and upper shoulder tightness & restricted range of motion. A.R.T has even helped with my vertigo. I have tried many different natural alternatives for four years to help the vertigo and A.R.T has been the most beneficial."

- Sonia Bilderback

"When I first started seeing Dr. Snell I thought there was no hope in continuing with my crossfit workouts. After several months I am almost 80% better and back to crossfit. Not only has she helped my flexibility, she has given me hope. I love our time together and love laughing about how good it hurts. She works wonders!"

- Maggie Shaffer

"Dr. Snell has helped me tremendously! Before seeing her I couldn’t run without pain. Now I can run as far as I want without fear of hurting long after."

- Andrea Murphy

"The treatment I’ve received from Dr. Snell has saved my “exercise” life! Realizing the root of the problem and treating it through active movement versus medicine or pain killers is worth every cent. A.R.T has helped me gain range of motion and strength back that I had lost from my injury."

- Robby Shaffer

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